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To Provide Education and Guidance To Help You Journey  Into The Cryptocosm To Attain Your Sovereignty.

The Coming “Cryptocosm”


From The Prophetic Words of  George Gilder , The Co-Founder of the Discovery Institute; Author of ” Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy (2018)” as well as several other books.

If you are an Investor, Solo- Capitalist or a Life Long Learner who is interested in the Rise of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.Please take the time to read this letter below to help you journey into the Cryptocosm.

We are entering into a Great Transition or The Great Reset , where in our lifetimes,we will be experiencing the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in the History of Mankind

Ten years ago the biggest corporations in the world by market cap were names like Exxon, Walmart and China National Petroleum.

Ten years later, the top companies in the world by market cap are Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

I believe that in the next 10 years, there will be a similar turnover. And a number of them will be what I call “cryptocosmic” companies that are building a new internet.

I’m referring to the coming revolution of blockchain technology that addresses the fundamental shortcoming of the existing internet: security.

The internet needs a new security architecture. Since the internet has become a commercial engine as much as a communications platform, the internet needs a security protocol to match it.

Anybody who goes on the internet knows it.

There’s the constant demand for new user names, passwords, PINs, mother’s maiden names, all the apparatus of security we currently have to manage. You need a notebook just to keep track of it all.

There were a billion breaches on the internet last year. A billion breaches of private data. As a result, security technology spending is growing faster than ever.

We’ve seen a 20–30% rise every year in spending on internet security technologies.

But that only means more and more ways for hackers to find a way in. And we know that internet security is driving everybody crazy.

Part of the problem is that internet security is centralized. By centralizing your security, you actually help hackers and spies. Because it tells them

1) what’s important & 2) where it can be found.

This is the fundamental vulnerability of all centralized security and the classification systems that are associated with it.

It all comes back to this fundamental reality: The internet wasn’t designed for transactions. It was designed for email and communication.

That’s where the blockchain comes in.

Blockchain offers a fundamentally new security architecture for the internet. “Security first” is the motto of the emerging cryptocosm.

Why is the blockchain far more secure than the existing internet?

Blockchain provides a fixed record of all transactions and information transmissions that have occurred — and distributes a compressed version of all the data to everyone in the network.

By using a model that’s distributed instead of centralized, we won’t have all information in one place — where it’s an easy target for hackers. Instead, you’d have to attack all the records across the whole internet before you can change or steal anything.

Any hacker who hacks into one computer can gain nothing except what’s in that particular computer. That’s because the information is distributed across the network. So a hacker would have to capture 51% of the entire network in order to defraud the network.

That is, unless you capture 51% of all the nodes on the internet, which is essentially impossible, you can’t successfully hack the blockchain.

What Does That Mean for You?

It will mean that you don’t have to learn dozens of different passwords to access every walled garden on the internet. No more sets of security questions and entering your mother’s maiden name or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Your data are protected.

So blockchain has the ability to revolutionize the way business is handled over the internet, with its ability to provide secure transaction data.

Now, you probably think of bitcoin when you hear the word “blockchain.” And who can forget the massive bitcoin bubble that burst in late 2017? So the term might leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. It’s true, blockchain provides a secure framework for bitcoin transactions.

But the blockchain is much, much bigger than bitcoin. Blockchain holds the key to an entirely new system of the world. Its expansion in the coming years will trigger major changes in our day-to-day lives.

The thing is, this new cryptocosm is taking shape right now.

We are seeing the birth of a new internet — what I’m calling Internet 2.0 — plus a new global financial system that’s taking shape around the world.

But for now, just understand that blockchain technology is preparing to revolutionize the internet. Get ready for life after Google. The new internet will be dominated by an entirely new security architecture.

And I believe early investors in this new technology will get incredibly rich from it.


George Franklin Gilder is an American investor, writer, economist, techno-utopian advocate, and co-founder of the Discovery Institute

Education on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies



As the founder of the Cryptocosm, one of the largest barriers to adoption is the lack of education, not only around Cryptocurrencies and benefits of Cryptocurrenices, but also the benefits of decentralization, privacy, and all the applications that are being built using this technology.

Furthermore, there are certain frictions to overcome for every person who wishes to enter into the cryptocurrency space.

For example, in order to use applications where cryptocurrencies are used, it’s often required that you initially own some cryptocurrency. This itself creates a high barrier to entry as users must research what cryptocurrency they must purchase, how to do so, what exchange to trust, and so on.

Taking us full circle to education.

I’m also the founder of the FINfluential , which is a financial education podcast that covers everything important about finances and most important with the goal to increase financial confidence, raising the human capital of the individual and most importantly spread economic freedom all around the world.

So, I understand the importance and the necessity of REAL EDUCATION to truly understand about economics and money through the FINfluential, therefore , its my desire to create a bastion of knowledge and understanding about the greatness and future of the BLOCKCHAIN in particular to CRYPTOCURRENCIES through the Cryptocosm.


Cryptocurrencies Will Be Recognized In Its Role In The Evolution Of The Global Financial & Economic System






Here In The Cryptocosm

There is one thing common among my Cryptocosmonauts & Crypto-Evangelists do believe for certain….

Cryptocurrencies is a Constant Learning Curve

Keeping pace with developments in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem feels like a 2 full-time jobs & 20 Hours of Community Service and that’s just for experienced heads.

For novices, it’s tough enough working out where to even start. While crypto wisdom accrues over time,I have launched the Cryptocosm as a trove of knowledge to learn Cryptocurrency as well as familiarize with the  various aspects and real world applications of the Blockchain.

The Cryptocosm is evolving to be an array of resources to jumpstart your cryptocurrency education starting with the 1st cryptocurrency of the world i.e Bitcoin aka BTC. Eventually the Cryptocosm will raise your knowledge base as well as  your human capital to amplify your life our forefathers cant even imagine.

We at the Cryptocosm will be providing great and easy to digest educational content to help you understand the basics on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in particular.

The Cryptocosm is an educational space on everything Crypto & Blockchain in the YOU & ME Level.

Before We Begin On Your Journey Into The Cryptocosm

I Just Want To Say


What The Facts


Here we will be covering the BASICS of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocosm will be evolving as we cover the incredible transitions and transformation taking place not only in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystems,but also the demise of the legacy global economic and financial systems.

Our goal at the Cryptcosm is to create global massive adoption of cryptocurrencies to enable power and freedom decentralized in the hands of the individual or at the YOU & ME Level.




What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger of cryptocurrency transactions. The Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are both blockchains where all transactions are recorded. Where assets tied to governments were formerly backed by gold or silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum are backed by their respective networks. A typical cryptocurrency transfer is first published to the blockchain, where it’s then securely verified by multiple sources in the network. Once a transfer is confirmed by several sources and verified for all to see, it’s accepted by the network. Since the blockchain verifies the transfer of assets, you no longer need to go through a bank to initiate a transaction.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, created and stored electronically in the blockchain using cryptography (hence “crypto”) to control their creation and to verify the transfer of funds.

Cryptocurrencies are unique because they don’t have any physical form and exist only in the network. Their supply, or circulation, isn’t determined by any central bank or government, and the network itself is completely decentralized. There are a growing number of cryptocurrencies, but the most popular to date are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum, Monero etc.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a new type of money that works very differently to traditional money.

Bitcoin is for EVERYBODY…..

No person, company, or organization is in control of Bitcoin: it’s a decentralized digital currency that’s powered by a huge, distributed network of computers.

As such, when you own Bitcoin, only you have access to your funds. You’ll typically send, receive, and store it using a secure digital app like or even the digital wallet app from which you can download both the digital wallets for free.

It’s really important to remember that, since no bank or other financial intermediary ever has access to your wallet app, you’re in charge of keeping it secure.

Remember the Phrase -” If you dont hold the Keys, You dont own your Cryptos”

Bitcoin can be used to move and store money


You can use your Bitcoin just like regular money. Transactions are sent and received directly between one person and another—be it for personal or business purposes.

Currently, there are Three Main Types of Bitcoins: Bitcoin(BTC),Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

When you use Bitcoin Cash in particular, these transactions cost only micro fees (less than a cent!). As such, they’re a lot cheaper and also much faster than international bank transfers.

You can also choose to store your money as Bitcoin(BTC). If you’re storing larger amounts, consider purchasing a Hardware/Cold Wallet like Trezor or Ledger to add an extra layer of security to your storage.

How can you use Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase products or services from online retailers like etc or a Travel service like Travala can accept BTC,BCH,DASH etc fro payments for flights and hotel bookings. There has been a great increase in the merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies particularly in accepting Bitcoin Cash as it is fast, lower costs and reliable for commerce. Cryptocurrencies is also used as an investment as more and more people are looking to diversify their portfolios to be able to increase their net worth and be part of the new developments that will accelerate economic and financial growth all across the globe.

Can Bitcoin be exchanged with other Cryptocurrencies & Traditional currencies ?

Whether you’ve bought, received, or earned Bitcoin, you can choose to exchange it for both traditional (fiat) currencies and also for other digital currencies.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Create an account with an established exchange and, after verifying your identity, you’ll be able to sell your Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin transactions truly ANONYMOUS???????

Since you don’t need to share your identity to download a digital wallet, it’s more private than a bank account. However, Bitcoin is not a privacy coin: the blockchain is public to everyone, meaning that all transactions can be viewed (though they’re not tied to your identity).

To keep your Bitcoin transactions more private, use a different address for every payment.

Just FYI when sending and receiving Bitcoin Cash, you can use an automated tool like CashShuffle to help enhance your privacy. This is currently available in the Electron Cash desktop wallet and is being added to other Bitcoin Cash wallets over time.

Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake – Simple Explanation

Proof of Work – PoW

In a PoW system, transactions are verified by “miners”, who use their computer hardware to solve complex mathematical equations for the right to add new groups of transactions (blocks) to the blockchain (record of all blocks and the transactions in them).

It’s only by solving these problems that a new block can be added to the last block of the blockchain. By being the first to solve one of these mathematical puzzles and add new transactions to the blockchain, a miner is rewarded with a block reward and transaction fees in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin – BTC,Bitcoin Cash -BCH & Bitcoin Satoshi Vision -BSV, Monero – XMR etc.

Proof of Stake – PoS

With regards to Proof of Stake coins like Tezos- XTZ,Dash-DASH,NEO – NEO,PIVX-PIVX etc. nstead of miners, there are “validators”. hese validators don’t use hardware to solve complex mathematical puzzles. Instead, they lock up or “stake” their crypto as collateral for the right to verify transactions.Factors like the size of the stake and how long the crypto has been staked help determine who gets the right to verify transactions, If you’re lucky enough to validate a new block of transactions, you are rewarded with new cryptocurrency and/or transaction fees, similar to Proof of Work.


The Dramatic Version of the Bitcoin Whitepapers

Below is the Dramatic version of the Bitcoin Whitepapers done by the Crypto Vigilante , who have people like myself and many others across the world to learn how to buy,sell, trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Vigilante Team is the best crypto analysts in the world, Im so blessed and honored to see them grow and committed to increasing the financial confidence , raising the human capital and bringing personal and economic freedom to every individual in the world.

Be Blessed and Enjoy The Video on the Bitcoin Whitepaper

Lifelong Learning


Whether you’re a bitcoin novice or a cryptocurrency enthusiast looking to smooth over any gaps in your knowledge, there are some great wells of information to draw upon. While the long-term reward derived from exploring these resources is to make you richer in knowledge, a little short-term enrichment of the pocket won’t hurt either.


Happy Learning

We Make it Easy to Understand

The Cryptocosm will be providing easy to digest content and data on everything cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Whether it be cryptocurrency exchanges,digital assets,Initial Coin Offerings(ICO’s), Securitized Token Offerings(STO’s) etc

Cryptocosm aims to lower the barriers to entry to the Crypto world so that mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be achieved.


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